EA Sports introduces brand new game mode in FIFA 23 allowing players to get their hands on more attractive rewards

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The improved version of FIFA 23 is expected to be released on September 30 (Friday). Meanwhile, the markers of the game EA Sports have already revealed several details about the various new features and changes in the upcoming title.

The game makers recently released a video on their social media platforms giving a glimpse of the new features which are added to the game. Apart from the new ‘World Cup Heroes’ and a completely revamped chemistry system, there is also a brand-new game mode being added to FUT.

The new offline game mode named FUT Moments in the released trailer has taken the attention of many gamers. The mode will be ideal for casual players due to its brief nature. Not only for casual gaming, but the pro players will also enjoy exploring the new avenues for earning rewards in FUT, making it one of the best new features in FIFA 23.

In short, FUT Moments is a new offline game mode in FIFA 23 that will recreate a certain situation and objectives for the players to go through it and claim big rewards. The trailer revealed that the FUT option will give “bite-sized scenarios,” which can be something like scoring a penalty or something more complicated like only scoring with your captain or a specific player stationed at a specific position.

Apart from the FUT Moments, there is also a fantastic addition to the career mode, which is a collection of cinematics that make the game more realistic. From a new signing entering the club to training ground moments, interviews, and meeting new teammates, there are many more cutscenes to give you an excellent experience.

The existing trophy celebrations and transfer market negotiations will also remain in the game. The gamer will also receive a token of appreciation after winning Man of the Match or Manager of the Month awards or playing 50 or 100 games, for example.