EPWA requests Prime Minister Modi for comprehensive gaming regulations

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The Egamers and Players Welfare Association (EPWA), which comprises members such as Asian Games esports medalist Tirth Mehta and prominent female gamer Zerah Gonsalves, has penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the letter, EPWA, representing 18,100 professional gamers, commended the Prime Minister’s approach to regulatory frameworks, emphasizing the need for measures to safeguard user interests and ensure a secure gaming environment, reported the Time of India.

The letter highlights various concerns, including the use of deep fake technology, data protection, online abuse targeting children and women, and instances of gaming-related extremism, EPWA underscored the importance of addressing these issues. Additionally, the association raised concerns about offshore gambling websites, anti-money laundering violations, and taxation impacting gamers.

EPWA proposed the integration of gaming regulations into a comprehensive legislative framework, advocating for measures to address content moderation, data privacy, age restrictions, harm mitigation, and consumer protection. The association emphasized the importance of aligning gaming regulations with those governing other digital sectors to facilitate collaborative efforts and ensure consistency in regulatory oversight.

This initiative follows a constructive dialogue between the Prime Minister and leading Indian gamers, including EPWA’s Tirth Mehta. Prime Minister recently met a few of India’s top gamers, the meeting showed his interest in fostering growth and development towards the gaming industry and recognising its relevance. The Prime Minister had previously engaged with gamers to gather insights on fostering the sector’s growth and development.