FSDL planning to launch eISL for mobile devices

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Indian Super League (ISL) operator Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) is planning to launch eISL on mobile devices in order to make it more accessible and competitive. As of now, players can only play eISL on PlayStation devices, and thus, it is not accessible to a large potential mobile gaming market in India.

A senior FSDL official said, “Growing eISL’s scale wider will require us to move away from PlayStation and move into the mobile gaming space. It’s something that we will consider as long as we are also dependent on the game publisher,” as quoted by Economic Times.

The esports title was launched back in 2021 when FSDL collaborated with Nodwin Gaming and EA Sports. It currently serves as an official way for teams to qualify for FIFA Global Series. The official revealed that since PlayStation is an expensive device, around 88,000 people on average in India have access to the gaming console.

Since India is focused on mobile gaming first and foremost as it is more accessible and much cheaper, they are looking to expand eISL to mobile devices and attract younger audiences to eISL.

“With FIFA, we don’t have that opportunity. But the intent is to go mobile because India is primarily a mobile-first market,” the official said.

The second edition of eISL that concluded recently saw interest from over 1500 people. The games were broadcasted on YouTube and Instagram, with YT stream reaching over 5.5 lakh views and videos and clips on Instagram reaching over nine million views.

As of now, eISL is being used to increase engagement for the football league on digital media, and in the coming years, the organizers want the esports competition to become self-sustaining.