Global Esports adds former XSET Valorant pro to their VCT 2023 roster

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After joining as official partners of Riot Games, Global Esports (GE) have now signed a former XSET pro player Jordan “AYRIN” He has been added to the Valorant roster that is competing in the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 and will fly to Seoul, South Korea for the Asia international league with the rest of the team. Since Ayrin is from Canada, he will be taking the import slot in the roster.

Ayrin started his esports career with Crossfire in 2012 at the age of 16, playing for Team Canada and Team North America and acting as their In-game Leader (IGL) several times when needed. He made a switch to Valorant in April 2020 playing for team Echo 8 and then moving on to XSET.

The signing deal is planned to be completed by Tuesday as 15 October is the final day for “roster softlock”, meaning teams partnered with Riot will have to complete the roster by that day and all the 30 partnered teams will have to notify about minimum 6 players (5 mains and 1 stand-in) to Riot that will be playing the tournament. Changes after the given date are not allowed.

The reveal was teased earlier by Global Esports on Twitter by posting clips of Ayrin while he was playing for XSET. Ayrin played as the Controller in his previous team and is expected to fill the same position in GE. Apart from joining the roster he also announced that he will be acting as the IGL in the roster.

Being an IGL is a very challenging task as they have to call the shots during the game and any mistake can cost the team an entire round. It is believed that Ayrin was chosen as an IGL due to his experience and knowledge about the game.

The 30 Riot partnered teams will also compete in the kick-off tournament next year in São Paulo, Brazil for a chance to earn an extra spot in the Masters for their region later in the year.