Global Esports to build 12-storey headquarters in Mumbai

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The founder and CEO of Global Esports (GE), Rushindra Sinha recently revealed the future plans of the esports organization which includes building a 12-storey headquarters in Khar, Mumbai.

GE have represented India multiple times in international competitions and is one of the oldest esports organizations in the country. It has even been selected as the sole Valorant franchise team from India among 30 franchises globally.

Sinha further revealed that GE owns about 25,000 sq. ft. of land in Khar, Mumbai where they plan on building their headquarters. During his livestream he said, “We plan to build a big GE tower over there soon” and “Our goal is to have our entire – training facility, boot camp, studio, content house, everything in one place. One tower, imagine like ten floors just dedicated to the GE tower in the middle of Bombay, literally like the heart of Bombay.”

Sinha seemed passionate and excited about this project. He also explained that the project is pretty big and will probably start next year because of how expensive it is going to be. All of the required things like studio, boot camp and content house are supposed to be available in the GE tower.

Later in the livestream, he also mentioned more ambitious plans, besides the main GE headquarters, like building a new boot camp for players in Kharghar and a full-fledged gaming arena to host various esports tournaments in the same location.

Sinha explained how the journey for GE has just begun now as in the past five years they were learning all the aspects of the esports industry and trying to grow. He added that they now have a clear vision of where the organization is supposed to go and that will help them to grow and advance in the field of not just Indian but also global gaming.