Indian League of Legends team tops in seeding round ahead of Asian Games 2022

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Indian League of Legends team dominates their way in South Asia seeding event for the 19th Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou with a win against Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan holding the top position in their bracket.

The team secured a spot for Asian Games after dominating other teams in the National Esports Championships (NESC) organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI). Current roster for the team includes –

Captain – Akshaj Shenoy (Kai)
Samarth Arvind Trivedi (CrankO)
Mihir Ranjan (Lotus)
Sanindhya Malik (Deadcorp)
Aakash Shandilya (Infi)
Aditya Selvaraj (Crow)

Team captain, Akshaj Shenoy, said, “It feels amazing to have secured a favourable seeding for the Asian Games 2022 in such a dominating fashion. Each of the victories is a testament to the countless hours of practice and strategy planning it has taken for our team to reach this point. Our journey till now has been remarkable, and we are fully prepared to face any challenge that comes our way.”

With these wins, the team is now quite optimistic that they will perform their best in the upcoming event, where they will go against 18 other teams from different nations.

Director of ESFI, Lokesh Suji said, “Team India’s scintillating performances in the League of Legends seeding event is a sign of what is to come in Hangzhou. We are not only proud to witness their achievements but are also confident that they will make India proud on the international stage against the leading teams from Asia. Everyone at ESFI extends its complete support to the team as they gear up to bring laurels to the country at the Asian Games.”

The upcoming Asian Games will also be quite special for gamers, as esports will be featured as an official medal event at the tournament for the first time. Apart from League of Legends, India will also be taking part in FIFA22, Street Fighter V and Dota 2.

Seeding matches for Dota 2 will be conducted online on July 13 while Street Fighter V matches will be in Hangzhou, China from July 22, 2023. Dates for FIFA matches are yet to be revealed.