MeitY confirms meeting with Krafton following game ban

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Popular BGMI content creator Maxtern tweeted about moving on from the now banned mobile game last night, and in response, GodYamrajOP tweeted images of RIT appeal and the response they received.

Almost 2 months back, the popular online game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was banned and removed from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Not many details were provided about the ban. Fans are anxious to know about the game’s situation and future.

The tweeted images did provide some speculative information about why it was banned and confirmed that there was a meeting between MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and Krafton (BGMI Developers).

GodYamrajOP questioned:

1. What are the reasons to take down BGMI from PlayStore and AppStore?

2. Is there any meeting/meetings with publisher Krafton regarding the ban of BGMI from the play store? And if so, what are the outcomes of those meetings, please provide minutes of the meeting.

In response to the RTI application, MeitY said that they received requests through Designated Nodal Officers from the Ministry of home affairs (MHA) and have blocked BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000.

Section 69A of IT ACT empowers the Government to block info from public access under certain conditions:
1. Interest in sovereignty and Integrity of India.
2. Defense of India.
3. Security of state.
4. Friendly Relations with the Foreign States.
5. Preventing incitement to the commission of any cognizing offense relating to the above reasons.

MeitY have also confirmed that meetings with representatives of Krafton were held about the issue, and as per Rule 16 of Information Technology Rules, 2009, which is to maintain confidentiality, they cannot provide any more information about the meetings.

According to the replies from MeitY, we can speculate that the ban on BGMI will still be up for some time, and the previous meeting has not been a success, but fans are still hopeful for a positive resolution in the near future.