Moonwalk Games set to debut ‘A Thug’s Ascension’: a gripping action adventure coming soon to Steam

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Surat, India—Moonwalk Games, an emerging indie game developer from India, is set to make its mark in the gaming world with the upcoming release of their debut title, ‘A Thug’s Ascension‘. It is an action-adventure game that takes players on a dark journey through a corrupt and divided metropolis, promising an alluring experience driven by a gripping storyline.

Announced earlier in August at the DreamHack Beyond Indie Showcase, ‘A Thug’s Ascension’ is already creating a buzz among gaming enthusiasts. The game has gathered attention in various expos, including DevGAMM Lisbon, IndiaGDC in Hyderabad, and the Steam Next Fest. It is set for a worldwide release on January 16th for Windows and macOS.

Adi Chandra, an Indian writer-director, alongside the Moonwalk Games team, is the brain behind the game’s creation. The game stands out for its deliberate focus on storytelling. Chandra, the creative force behind the project, emphasized the significance of narrative over flashy game mechanics, aiming to create a compelling experience.

In ‘A Thug’s Ascension’, players assume the role of ‘Chief’, a mercenary for hire character navigating a four hour long storyline filled with complex character arcs and a sophisticated plot. The game follows Chief’s quest to escape the fictional megacity of Maratha, heavily inspired by Mumbai, haunted by his past. However, his journey is disrupted by the formidable Dr. Sarkar, a billionaire industrialist aiming to reconstruct Maratha according to his vision, thus setting the stage for conflict and political intrigue.

The game, described as a first-person shooter with elements of driving, exploration, and occasional puzzle-solving, spans fifteen chapters that demand diverse gameplay styles. From intense combat sequences to city-wide car chases, ‘A Thug’s Ascension’ challenges players to navigate through a range of environments and scenarios.

Director Chandra expressed his satisfaction in crafting gameplay that maximizes the game’s simplicity. He highlighted the game’s emphasis on using the environment as a weapon, adding depth to the combat mechanics.

Moonwalk Games has released trailers showcasing the game’s cinematic qualities and gameplay dynamics, generating anticipation among gaming communities. ‘A Thug’s Ascension’ is scheduled for release on November 30th for Windows and macOS, with plans for a Linux port soon after. You can wishlist the game on Steam through its store page.