New gaming app in “Dravidian principles” unveiled at the Chennai Comic Con just ahead of the Lok Sabha elections

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Titled ‘Makkalin Mudhalvar’ (People’s Chief Minister), the game, developed by Populus Empowerment Network (PEN), invites players to step into a simulation where they assume the role of a chief minister governing a state reports India Today. The primary objective is to offer insights into the complexities of state governance and the intricacies of electoral procedures.

‘Makkalin Mudhalvar’ aims to educate players, particularly those aged between 16 and 25, about the principles underlying the Dravidian model of governance. The game is available in both Tamil and English, reflecting the diverse linguistic landscape of Tamil Nadu. Players are rewarded for making decisions aligning with Dravidian principles, emphasizing values such as equality, empowerment, and secularism.

The name ‘Makkalin Mudhalvar’ draws inspiration from the Tamil Nadu government’s ‘Makkaludan Mudhalvar’ initiative, focused on addressing public grievances promptly. Pooja Pradeep, a program manager, explained the game’s mechanics, highlighting its simplicity with a series of questions. There are no wrong answers, but each choice contributes to a calculated point system. Decisions revolving around rationalism, cultural ethos, and women empowerment influence the player’s long-term vision.

Pooja Pradeep emphasized the educational aspect, stating, “We want them to understand the Dravidian model of governance when they come to vote.” The game has gained popularity, with approximately 1,500 installations already recorded. Designed not merely as a game but as a reflection of Sabarisan Vedamurthy’s vision, the app aims to highlight new-age media to engage youth and illustrate the significance of the Dravidian Model for Tamil Nadu.

As the virtual chief minister, players are tasked with upholding the core values of Dravidian ideology. Equality, empowerment, and secularism take center stage, allowing users to explore how Dravidian parties have historically championed these values. Pooja Pradeep acknowledged Sabarisan’s support and encouragement as instrumental in setting new standards for interactive entertainment.

The game is currently accessible to Android users through the Google Play Store, providing an innovative platform for individuals to gain insights into political ideologies and decision-making processes.