NoScope Gaming India and Beta Group collaborate with Kerala Government, launch new esports body

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NoScope Gaming India and Beta Group, two prominent esports organizations, have collaborated with the Kerala state government to unveil the Kerala Esports Apex (KEA). This initiative is set to be officially launched during the International Sports Summit Kerala 2024, scheduled to commence on January 23 as per the report in The Hindu. The primary objective of KEA is to position Kerala as a global leader in the field of esports.

KEA’s vision, as outlined in a press release, encompasses several crucial components. It includes the integration of esports into the educational curriculum, offering students exposure to the competitive gaming world. The initiative also aims to raise awareness and cultivate interest in esports across communities through dedicated camps. Additionally, KEA plans to establish technology-driven centres, providing advanced training programs to nurture esports talent. The initiative will leverage cutting-edge technology for sports rehabilitation and underscore the importance of health and well-being in esports.

As part of this collaboration, Ravi Achanta, the CEO of NoScope Gaming India, is slated to deliver a keynote session during the summit. The session will delve into the transformative realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sports and technology, shedding light on the evolving landscape of esports.

Rajmohan Pillai, Chairman of Beta Group, expressed optimism about the initiative’s potential to propel Kerala to the forefront of the rapidly advancing esports sector in the country. The collaboration aims not only to elevate the status of esports within the state but also to contribute to the broader growth and recognition of India’s esports industry.

The launch of KEA is strategically aligned with the International Sports Summit Kerala 2024, providing a platform to introduce and showcase the initiative to a diverse audience. The integration of esports into education, community engagement through camps, and the emphasis on cutting-edge technology and player well-being underscore KEA’s comprehensive approach to fostering the esports ecosystem in Kerala. The collaboration between NoScope Gaming India, Beta Group, and the Kerala government signifies a significant step towards harnessing the potential of esports for educational, cultural, and economic development in the state.