Popular gamer Scout doubtful over the return of BGMI before December

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India’s prominent Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Tanmay “Scout” Singh recently gave his opinion on the game’s current situation and the possibility of the game being unbanned in the country.

The popular game was removed from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store in late July, creating a shockwave among Indian mobile gamers. However, Scout’s comments on his recent live stream have created a buzz among the Indian gaming fraternity.

“As far I have heard from sources, BGMI’s return before December seems dicey. But, hopefully, it will come back by then,” Scout said during his live stream.

The pro gamer was seen playing The Forest during a 220-minute live stream when he discussed the possibility of BGMI getting unbanned in the country. After being asked by one of the fans, he said he wanted to say something positive about the situation, but he did not want to mislead his audience.

I wish I could have said that the game would be unbanned tomorrow or in the next month and created hype around it so that people will flock to streams to check what I have said. However, I won’t be doing anything like that,” he added.

Scout asked his fans to stay positive on the matter and hope that the game returns in December this year. He also went on to say that Indian gamers should try other games to help the Indian gaming society grow.

As mentioned above, BGMI was banned by the union government in July this year due to concerns about national security. While the developers of Krafton are working alongside the government to remove the ban, the lack of updates has caused fans to slowly lose hope over the return of the game as they continue looking for alternatives to enjoy mobile gaming.