Riot Games to host 40+ events during Valorant OFF//SEASON

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Riot Games has announced a list of 40+ “OFF//SEASON” events which are planned to take place right after Valorant Champions Tour 2023. The events will include show matches, open qualifier events, and LANs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and the Americas.

As per the official post by Valorant Esports, the matches are hosted in order to give teams a chance to test out rosters and help the tournament hosts to try out new and unique tournament formats.

Moving forward, more information is expected to be revealed by Riot Games regarding the 2024 Challengers Season, along with details about Global Events and International League Play. The OFF//SEASON events will also get a dedicated page providing all the information – teams, schedule, table and others.

In an official Tweet, Global Head of Valorant Esports Leo Faria said, “We have several updates on the 2024 season lined up for the next several weeks! The OFF//SEASON announcement went live a bit earlier than planned, but now that you’ve all seen it, I’m excited to share that we have 40+ events planned for this year! More to come.”

The Asia-Pacific region is set to see a total of 17 events that will take place across India, the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Oceania region. The complete official list of events can be found on the official blog.

The esports scene in India is growing rapidly and with Riot Games’ plan for Valorant OFF//SEASON, India will get three official events –

1) Penta Pro Series Valorant Season

2) Valorant India Invitational 23

3) The Esports Club (TEC) Official VCT OFF//SEASON Event 2023.

One of the biggest esports organizations ‘Global Esports’ has also been among the invited regional teams in the past. That was the first time an Indian team was featured at the international level. With OFF//SEASON events, more teams will get a chance to shine on the big stages.