S8UL Esports to part ways with Skyesports after controversial tweet

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Co-founder of S8UL Esports, Lokesh “Goldy” Jain have announced that the esports organization will no longer be involved with Skyesports following a controversial tweet from founder and CEO of Skyesports, Shiva Nandy.

In a now deleted tweet, Nandy tweeted an image from TV show Games of Thrones saying “South will remain an independent kingdom”. While celebration for someone’s preferred political party is understandable, bringing politics in video game scene is never a good idea, even unintentionally.

S8UL Esports’ Goldy was quick to respond saying people should be wary of their position and influence before saying anything online and should not have ‘old’ mentality in 2023 saying ‘India Is One Proud Nation’.

This further led to a controversy between the two with Nandy claiming that Goldy was misleading the audience, and he never hinted of south being a different country but rather talking about the distinct identities and cultural differences.

Following another round of rants, Goldy said that S8UL creators will not be part of anything related to Skyesports going forward.

S8UL Sid also called out Nandy regarding why he deleted his earlier tweet. Nandy respond that the tweet was being misled people. He said, “If it was wrong, I would apologize if you truly believe it hurts. But my personal view is not material for you to mislead and take the opportunity to be relevant. Why you and your so-called boss is connecting gaming/esports into this?”

Sid further responded saying that Nandy could have explained the situation earlier but chose to be aggressive towards Goldy and warned him to choose his words wisely and show respect to Goldy.

While it’s hard to say who is at fault here, it remains to be seen how the clash between an Esports clan and a tournament organizer pans out in the future.