Shark Tank Season 2 features gaming and esports companies Bullspree and Upthrust Esports

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Ahmedabad-based gaming startup ‘Bullspree’ secured Rs 26.22 crore valuation in Shark Tank Season 2. The company was originally established by Dharmil Bavishi, Divyansh Mathur, and Harsh Dhanwat in November 2020.

Bullspree is a mobile application for exploring and learning about the stock market. According to the company, it plans to disseminate stock market knowledge in a fun and engaging manner via exciting gaming formats.

After hearing the full concept and working of the business, the sharks were impressed. The Co-Founder of BOAT, Aman Gupta and Lenskart CEO Peyush Bansal gave Bullspree offered Rs 75 lakhs for 2.8% of the equity in their company.

One of the co-founders, Harsh Dhanwat, said, “We want to create a healthy and winning environment in the stock market through our app. After six months of research, we want to teach people about the stock market with small bets in our gamified app.”

The company claims to have more than 2 lakh users and has distributed Rs 47 lakhs in prize money. The company also said that in-app purchases would be available in the next three months.

Another co-founder, Divyansh Mathur, said, “Right now, we give premium macroeconomic trends. We give insights on what went wrong and how it works on our Telegram groups. We want to monetize this by introducing a subscription plan.”

Another startup business in the gaming sector, ‘Upthrust Esports,’ was featured in Shark Tank Season 2 recently.

Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Upthrust Esports is an Indian esports and gaming firm. The company was established in April 2020 with the intention of fostering the growth of esports in the nation by giving all players better practice facilities.

Upthrust has hosted popular tournaments like Pro Showdown, Ranbhoomi, Gamers On Ground, Survivor’s Throne, and Gaming Fest.

The company’s founder, Kartik Sabherwal, said, “We are extremely thankful to our community and our audience, who have made this ultimate goal possible. We ask for nothing but support from all the community members at this beginning of the gaming and esports era.”

To raise Rs 75,00,000 in exchange for a 3% ownership, the company’s founder, Kartik Sabherwal, and its head of business development, Vaibhav Rathore, presented their venture to a group of investors.

While the company could not secure the desired funding, the company featured in the show is a huge step towards progress, especially when the gaming community in India is on the rise.