Skyesports announces BGMI tournament with Rs 25 lakh prize pool

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While enthusiasts await the rumored iOS version of BGMI India, third-party tournament organizers are leverage this opportunity to grow their brands. Third-party organizers such as Skyesports, a gaming company based out of Tamil Nadu, are organizing various events and leagues.

It is noteworthy that JetSynthesys, which has been acquired by Skyesports, is taking giant leaps to boost its brand awareness by organizing tournaments, scrims, and events with assured prize pools.

It recently announced its third edition of the Skyesports Championship, including six titles, even the popular BGMI, for a prize pool of Rs 55 lakh.

Until now, Skyesports has announced the highest prize pool of BGMI, a massive Rs 25 lakh. Skyesports organized such an event named Skyesports PUBG Mobile Grand Slam Invitational last year, but it didn’t have such a gigantic prize pool as it does now.

This championship will go on from August to October and the registrations start from the 16th of august.

Prior to this, PUBG Mobile Tournament was the soul of gaming, and it featured teams from all over the country. However, the PUBG Mobile leg was canceled due to PUBG’s ban in India due to some security reasons. 

These developments, when clubbed with recent milestones achieved by BGMI India, will prove beneficial for the organizer and the speculated release of the iOS version for the players. The first edition of the BGMI tournament, The Launch Party, was a successful event that shattered the ceiling of viewership records.