Skyesports hosts India’s first LAN tournament: The Finals Esports Revolution Showdown

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Skyesports recently concluded THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown. Held in Chennai, this tournament marked India’s inaugural LAN event for the popular FPS shooter, drawing twenty of the nation’s top gaming creators to battle it out for glory.

The tournament featured teams led by some good names in esports, including Mortal, Scout, Binks, and Sentinel. Following a rigorous double-elimination format, Team Scout and Team Mortal emerged as the finalists, set to clash for the coveted championship.

Team Scout, after navigating through the upper bracket, faced tough competition from Mortal’s squad, comprised of Red Parasite, Dolly Plays, Pashu, and Pingu. In a thrilling showdown, Mortal’s team demonstrated adaptability, winning and preventing Team Scout from securing the trophy.

Reflecting on the intense competition, Naman “Mortal” Mathur expressed his excitement in a post-match interview, stating, “I am feeling thrilled, especially with the team. I didn’t know what my team’s capabilities were until we got here. We sat here and learned – improvised on our mistakes and here we are.”

THE FINALS, promoted as a rising star in the FPS gaming world, is swiftly gaining traction within India’s rapidly expanding gaming industry. Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, emphasized the event’s success, noting, “THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown at our HQ in Chennai was a resounding success, picking up more than 225,000 viewers so far – a testament to Skyesports’ distribution channels and power of the gaming creators. We are thrilled to be the official India partners for THE FINALS, and the engagement to the first esports showdown for the game has showcased its potential to penetrate the Indian gaming market.”

The event not only highlighted the growing enthusiasm for esports in India but also positioned THE FINALS as a formidable contender in the country’s gaming landscape. Skyesports continues to contribute to the esports revolution, promising more tournaments and community-building initiatives in the future.