Skyesports to host first BGMI tournament after unban, features prize pool of Rs 25 lakh

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Skyesports steps up to conduct the first Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament after the recent unban of the game. The tournament, Skyesports Champions Series (SCS),  features a whopping prize pool of Rs 25 lakh.

The unban of BGMI has created hype in the gaming community despite being temporary, and it seems that Skyesports plans to take advantage of it and revive the old BGMI competitive scene. The tournament will also help players show their true potential.

Qualifiers for the tournament will take place on June 7 and 8 where 18 teams will face each other to qualify for the main events starting June 9. Out of 18, only six teams will move on to the semi-finals and will be joined by 18 invited teams.

The main tournament is set to run from June 9-18, featuring the top 24 teams in the country competing for the top prize. The teams will be competing in three groups of eight teams each in the semi-finals, running from June 9-13.

Invited teams include some of the top BGMI units of the country like S8UL, Godlike Esports, Revenant Esports, Gods Reign, 7Sea Esports, Marcos Gaming, Team Tamilas, Blind Esports, Reckoning Esports, and others.

Out of 24, 16 teams will qualify for the finals running from June 14 to 18 competing to be the first-ever champions of the SCS BGMI tournament after the unban. All the games starting from semi-finals on June 9 will be broadcast live on Skyesports YouTube channel.

The game has already crushed the competition in the free-game category on Google Play Store by reaching the number one spot  within a week of the unban. The developers are also running in-game events where players can unlock permanent outfits.