BGMI tops charts for free games on Play Store within one week of unban

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, alias BGMI, has made a historic comeback as it is currently topping the charts for “Top Free Games” available on Android’s Google Play Store as well as Apple’s iOS App Store. Surprisingly, the game was available on the said platforms after Monday, May 22 and thus, the game achieved the feat in less than a week of being unbanned.

The news of the popular mobile game being at the top of free games available on the store was confirmed by former Corporate Developer Head at KRAFTON, Anuj Tandon through a tweet. Notably, the game has been unbanned after the IT Ministry allowed a temporary availability for checking if the developers are abiding by the laws set by the ministry.


The unban of the game was allowed with changed and added features like limited playtime, beeping violence and abusive acts, limit on total spendings on in-app purchases in a single day, and many more to name a few. There are also some graphical and UI changes to the game warns players of playing responsibly while not getting addicted.

BGMI also tops the list of most consumer spends on the App Store

Now even with limit on total spendings, BGMI is first on the list of games with most amount spent by consumers on the App Store. Currently, the Krafton-developed game has over 50 million downloads on the Play Store and is expected to hit the mark of 100 million downloads soon, as it is expected to only gain popularity after being unbanned, although it might be only for a period of roughly 100 days.

While BGMI’s Play Store return is short with ambiguity on its future, if the government is satisfied with the results throughout the period of the temporary unban, it might be available as a full-fledged game with limited features. Celebrating its return, Krafton India also celebrated the event with a series on YouTube called “India Ki Heartbeat”.