Uttar Pradesh Government to promote esports under new sports policy

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The newly-framed sports policy approved by the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet also covers esports and plans to promote it state wide. The state government is planning to further develop an environment to encourage esports, claiming that the activity would become major in the future.

According to the concept, a state-wide esports centre will be established, wherein esports players will be provided with necessary infrastructure to further develop their skills. Players will be covered under various beneficiary programs. Schools and colleges will also be seen promoting esports.

A government spokesperson said, “Esports are being acknowledged as the future of sports on a global scale as the world becomes more digitised. It has drawn millions of players, spectators, and enthusiasts. The International Olympic Committee and many other nations have recognized esports as regular sports as a result of its widespread popularity.”

According to The Times of India, the new policy will be a great step to integrate esports with traditional sports and create an ecosystem to support the gaming industry. With this, young people will get a chance to connect with game developers, and sports organizations.

“In order for children to see that it is more than just entertainment, an awareness programme will be held at the high school and college levels. The government will also encourage parents to recognize new opportunities being created in esports and gaming sectors and not view them as bad habits,” he further added.

The national and international e-sports ecosystem will also be studied in order to construct a talent search and skill development model by the government. To provide specialized infrastructure for e-sports, a state-run esports centre will be established with the help of private sector organizations. Moreover, esports participants will have access to the same facilities that are made available to competitors in traditional sports.

Additionally, it states that players and coaches would have access to skill-building and training programs, and an incentive and reward system will be implemented for competitive esports players. Further, there are also plans to set up national and international e-sports tournaments in the state.