Valorant reveals new agent from India in musical release

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About a week ago, Riot Games teased fans about the introduction of a new Valorant agent from India and now in the full reveal on October 13 they have revealed the official trailer for the new controller agent called Harbor (Varun Batra) and an official song for the new character.

The agent is water based and so are most of his abilities as suggested by his name along with other utility abilities that help other team members to take control of a position. The reveal was done with Riot Games’ trademark animation style which they have used in their hit TV series Arcane, too.

Along with the agent reveal, Riot also shared the official soundtrack for the Agent which could earlier be heard in the agent reveal background video. But the full soundtrack released yesterday was an instant hit among the fans of Valorant in the Indian gaming community.

The vocals for the song are by Tienas, a singer from Mumbai, and the instruments are handled by Mangal Suvarnan and Paulson KJ. The original music was written and produced by ARB4 and Tanmay Saxena. This is not the first time Riot released an official soundtrack for their game as they have made soundtracks for other Valorant agents like Jett and other game characters from League of Legends.

Since Riot Games chose both artists of Indian origin the song contains a mixture of Hindi and English lyrics and combines them with traditional vocals with modern instruments with many cultural references from India.

The song is called “RAJA”, meaning “king” in English and focuses on how the agent rises from the shores of Mumbai. With the blockbuster reveal of the new agent it can be safely said that it will be the instapick for most of the Indian players considering all his abilities, too.