13 days judicial custody for accused Agrawal & Tibrewal in Mahadev App Case

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Amit Agrawal and Nitin Tibrewal, who were in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for ten days in the Mahadev app betting case, appeared in the court of Special Judge Ajay Singh Rajput as their second remand period came to an end. The ED officials did not seek an extension of remand, leading the judge to order 13 days of judicial custody for both accused. The next hearing in this case is scheduled for February 3rd.

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey, the special prosecutor for the ED, revealed that Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal were presented in court on Monday after the completion of their second remand in the online Mahadev betting app case, which started with their arrest on 12th January. The judge, considering no further need for remand, directed both individuals to judicial custody for 13 days. The ED had previously sought remand for the accused during interrogations, accusing them of not cooperating.

As reported by Naiduniya, during the remand period, ED officials had applied to the court to examine the call details of the accused’s mobile phones and sought remand based on the information obtained. It is reported that Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal provided crucial information related to betting during interrogations, and documentary evidence was gathered against them.

Amit Agrawal, the brother of Anil Kumar Agrawal, a key figure in the Mahadev app, has been found to have invested millions earned from betting in Dubai. He holds multiple properties under his and his wife’s name, with INR 2.5 crores deposited in bank accounts. Agrawal used to distribute betting earnings as loans among people.

During the hearing on Monday, Kolkata’s businessman Nitin fainted. He was lifted and made to sit in a chair, and water was given to him. A doctor was immediately summoned. Nitin lost consciousness in the court, and both Amit and Nitin were sent to jail on a 13-day judicial remand. A team of doctors examined Nitin. His blood pressure and sugar levels were found to be normal. The doctors did not find any kind of distress. After that, the court sent both of them to jail until February 3rd.

Nitin Tibrewal, associated with M/s TechPro IT, was found to be a significant shareholder in the company. The investigation also revealed that Salyushans Limited, working as a front for Mahadev App, employed Tibrewal. However, during questioning, Tibrewal attempted to conceal this information. The accused did not disclose any details about their foreign bank accounts and assets. Tibrewal owns a bungalow and several properties in Dubai, acquired with earnings from betting.

The investigation continues, and the court will reconvene on February 3rd for further proceedings in this high-profile online betting case.