Mahadev betting app scandal suspects remand extended by five days

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In the Mahadev betting app gambling case, two suspects who were taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) last week saw the end of their remand on Wednesday, as they appeared before Special Judge Ajay Singh Rajput. ED officials have accused the suspects of not cooperating during questioning and have requested the extension of their remand to extract mobile call details. The judge, considering the severity of the case, approved a five-day extension, and both individuals are scheduled to appear in court on January 21.

As reported by Dainik Bhaskar, Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey, the special prosecutor for the ED, disclosed that on January 12, Nitin Tibrewal and Amit Agrawal were arrested in connection with Mahadev betting app. Their initial five-day remand concluded, and on Wednesday, the ED presented them before Special Judge Ajay Singh Rajput, seeking an extension for further questioning and evidence collection. 

According to the ED, Amit Agrawal and Nitin Tibrewal have not been cooperating during the investigation, and there is a need to examine the call details from their seized mobile phones. It is noteworthy that Amit Agrawal is the brother of Anil Kumar Agrawal, a participant in the Mahadev app. Amit Agrawal has reportedly earned millions through betting, acquiring assets in his and his wife’s names, with INR 2.5 crore deposited in bank accounts. The ED investigation has revealed that Nitin Tibrewal holds a significant number of shares in Messrs Techpro IT, and Salyushans Limited, a company which was working as a front for the Mahadev betting app.

During questioning, Nitin Tibrewal attempted to conceal this information, while both suspects provided no details about their foreign bank accounts and assets. Nitin Tibrewal owns properties and bungalows in Dubai, using the proceeds from share purchases to fund his betting activities. In contrast, Amit Agrawal redistributed betting funds among the public in the form of loans.