1xBet promotes illegal betting on Asia Cup matches with newspaper ad

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India versus Pakistan is one of the greatest rivalries in cricket. Both the sides clashed on September 2, during the ongoing Asia Cup 2023. This has led illegal betting platforms to advertise and lure users to place bets on their platform. In the same vein, 1xBet app came up with a newspaper ad on the match-day.

What came as a shocker was that 1xBet used a different name, ‘1X’, to promote in the newspaper. Instead of using surrogate brands to promote betting, 1X openly invited users to bet on the platform. Popular West Indies’ cricketer Kieron Pollard was seen on the poster of the full-page ad on the front page.

1xBet Kieron Pollard Asia Cup Dainik Jagran ad
1xBet Kieron Pollard Asia Cup Dainik Jagran ad

1xBet also offered bonus and cashback for downloading the app. While such advertisements might attract users on the platform, they often get addicted and end up losing money in the longer run. Sometimes, losing money on online betting has also led to cases where people had to sell off their assets, or sacrifice own lives.

In the light of endorsements, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also issued four advisories till date. The latest advisory covered maximum loopholes and left no stone unturned for celebrities to promote illegal betting and gambling platforms. However, with Pollard’s endorsement, it seems like betting brands are not afraid of policies and regulations.

The government, through its regulations, have put strict restrictions on advertisement of illegal betting and gambling platforms. However, coming up with new names acts as a loophole for betting brands to dupe users and make money. No matter what the restrictions are, these illegal sites come up with ways to abuse the laws and promote their platform.

1xBat sponsors Sri Lanka’s national cricket team

The promotion of 1xBet doesn’t stop here. 1xBat, their surrogate brand, was seen sponsoring the Sri Lankan team for the Asia Cup. A title sponsorship allows betting sites to lure maximum users, as crores of people watch the tournament globally.

People should check the legitimacy of betting apps before downloading them. They should also refrain from providing any key private information on their servers, as these apps also misuse the data for financial gains.

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