5 best gaming headsets you can buy under Rs 5000 in 2023

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3. Razer Kraken V3 X Wired


Kraken V3 X is a wonderful combination of great sounding audio and HyperClear Cardioid Mic for crystal clear voice chat. Razer makes some of the best gaming peripherals in the market and this headset suits the gamers’ budget nicely.

Kraken V3 X uses Razer Triforce 40 mm drivers with surround sound for high fidelity audio that removes any choppiness from the speakers. The microphone picks up proper speech and also has noise cancellation feature.

Despite the looks, the headset is quite light. The bulky looking ear cups and headband are actually memory foam and so is a breathable cushion that provides proper fit and great sound isolation for focusing on the games.

Though the MRP is Rs 7499 it is generally available for under Rs 5000.