5 best gaming keyboards under Rs 10,000 available in India in 2023

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With many people choosing streaming and esports as alternate careers, not only a proper PC but good peripherals as well are a must in this day and age. When it comes to gaming accessories, a high-quality gaming keyboard is one of the most crucial components for giving a player an edge over their rival.While skills play a larger role as to how a match of online games goes, lack of a proper keyboard that can match one’s skills and comfort levels puts a player at a great disadvantage.

Below is the list of some of the best gaming keyboards players can get under Rs 10,000 from brands which have built a reputation making gaming peripherals. These keyboards are from the best lineups/ranges and are constantly updated. While some of them have MRPs of more than Rs 10,000, they are usually available at a discounted price.

Here are the 5 best budget gaming keyboards you can buy in India in 2023 –

1. ROG Strix Scope RX

The Strix Scope RX is a full-sized keyboard with Red Optical Mechanical Switches. The keys come with several functionalities along with neat RGB effect that does not hurt the eyes and can be easily controlled through an application. The keyboard is also IP57 waterproof and dust resistant, meaning you can “accidentally” drop water on it.

The optical mechanical switches are developed by ASUS in-house and are rated for more than 100 million keystrokes. The keyboard also provides macro key functionality along with onboard memory to save up to five gaming profiles.

One of the most important features in the keyboard is the larger Ctrl key that makes competitive fps games much easier to play and eliminates the accidental Windows keystroke. People playing on laptops get a nice upgrade, as the USB pass-through allows gamers to free up a USB slot on their laptop.

Players can get their hands on this beast at Rs 8,499 here.