5 best gaming monitors under Rs 15,000 available in India in 2023

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Contrary to popular perception, gaming monitors are one of the most important gaming equipment as well. While players can select any budget gaming mouse or keyboard, a monitor needs to have a good display and refresh rate.

Gone are the days when 60 frames per second (FPS) gaming was a thing. Nowadays, most of the online multiplayer games need over 100 FPS and a high response rate to compete. While 60 fps does give a playable gameplay in a competitive scene, more frames give better visual advantage against opponents.

With technology getting affordable every year, upgrading to some of the best gaming monitors has never been easier. Below are some of the best gaming monitors under Rs 15,000 in India. These monitors can reach over double the amount of FPS in standard games, given the players have a good enough PC, too.

Here are the 5 best budget gaming monitors you can buy in India in 2023 –

1. MSI Optix Curved Gaming Monitor

One of the most well-known brands in the gaming market, the MSI Optix monitor series provides both premium and entry-level gaming monitors. With its hybrid design the monitor can be placed on both the monitor stand or a wall.

The monitor features a 144 Hz refresh rate with 1 ms response that is of utmost importance in competitive multiplayer games. The display is FHD 1080p and comes with a borderless design with a 1500R curve to elevate immersion.

The AMD FreeSync technology helps in removing the screen tear at a budget. The display comes with anti-flicker technology and is blue light optimized for reduced strain on eyes, along with anti-glare that reduces pesky bright spots from external light sources.

Players can get their hands on this monitor for Rs 13,999 here.