Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh promotes illegal betting app cricaza

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Bollywood and sports have a long-standing relationship, with stars from the film industry frequently endorsing sporting events and appearing at sports gatherings. This connection has now extended to the world of online sports betting, as several Bollywood celebrities have started endorsing various online betting brands.

A relative newcomer to the market, Cricaza, has swiftly gained traction since its launch less than a year ago. This online sports exchange and casino site have experienced faster growth compared to its counterparts. Recently, the platform ventured into online influencer marketing, enlisting the support of Bollywood stars to promote its brand.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, recognized for his roles in films like “New York” (2009), “Shortcut Romeo” (2013), “Saaho” (2019), and “Johnny Gaddaar” (2007), recently utilized his social media platform to endorse the rapid growth of Cricaza, an online betting site. In his post, he highlighted the platform’s appeal for users seeking opportunities to win money.

“Play all your favourite games, only on Cricaza. Play like a pro, and win real cash up to 10 Crores with every match. Abhi signup karo on Cricaza for FREE and instant 100% welcome bonus pao,” said the actor.

Celebrity endorsements serve as a prominent strategy for illegal betting platforms, leveraging the revered status of these stars among their fan base. These promotions mislead individuals into perceiving these websites as legitimate gaming services, resulting in a substantial influx of users.