‘Youngsters have started gambling, film stars are promoting them’ – NCP leader Ajit Pawar demands ban on gambling

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On Friday, March 24, Maharashtra-based politician Ajit Pawar expressed his intense demands to raise a ban on activities like online gambling and lottery. Pawar further expressed that the film stars who endorse such offshore apps and websites should also be handled with appropriate actions.

Ajit Pawar, opposition leader for the state’s legislative assembly, has also opined that the centre of focus for the government should be on social welfare, children and women protection, and support for farmers; however, the government is focusing on engaging in political rivalries.

As per the Indian Express’ report, the NCP leader said, “I am demanding a ban on online gambling and lottery applications… A false promise of winning prize money is being made to youngsters who are taking the wrong path. Due to unemployment, youngsters have started gambling. Unfortunately, film stars are promoting these bogus gambling applications.”

Speaking of the gambling condition in Maharashtra, Pawar opined that there should be a ban on such activities in the state, if not nationwide. He also said that film stars and Bollywood actors promoting these platforms create attraction among youngsters, and they end up losing money. Pawar also addressed unemployment in the state as one of the significant reasons the youth is involved in online gambling.

The party leader also targeted the platform owners of offshore gambling sites. He stated, “On a daily basis, over 100 applications are siphoning off crores of rupees from people. A proper investigation should be conducted to find out who the owners of these applications are. Due to these applications, 42 people have died by suicide.”

In the assembly, Pawar demanded that what happened in Tamil Nadu due to online gambling should not happen in Maharashtra, and the state must learn from the consequences that others have faced.