Agra Police leads initiative to reform habitual gamblers, over 1000 pledge to abstain

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In an innovative move to combat the menace of gambling addiction, the Agra Police, under the leadership of Commissioner J. Ravinder Goud, has launched an innovative initiative aimed at reforming habitual gamblers. The initiative, which involves persuading offenders to pledge their commitment to forsake gambling through signed bond letters, has already garnered significant traction, with over a thousand individuals taking the solemn vow to abstain from their destructive habit.

The catalyst behind this transformative endeavour, 42-year-old Ravi Kishore, publicly declared his dedication to a life free from gambling during a poignant ceremony at Mantola police station, reported the Times of India. Having spent over two decades embroiled in the vice of poker, Kishore, along with numerous others, has chosen to embrace a simpler and more virtuous existence as a law-abiding citizen.

Speaking of his past struggles, Kishore recounted his tumultuous journey, marked by crippling debt incurred because of his gambling habit. With the guidance of law enforcement authorities, Kishore now looks forward to a brighter future, one defined by integrity and rectitude.

Echoing Kishore’s sentiments, Shejad, a father of two young children, expressed his determination to break free from his gambling addiction. Moved by the empathetic outreach of the police, Shejad, along with numerous others, has pledged to safeguard the well-being of his family and community by renouncing gambling for good.

Amar Ujala reported how Commissioner J. Ravinder Goud emphasised the impact of gambling on society, citing its role in fueling public disorder and increasing financial distress for families trapped in its grip. Recognizing the complex nature of addiction, Goud emphasised the importance of providing gamblers with a dignified opportunity for rehabilitation, facilitated through ongoing support and mentorship. Furthermore, Goud outlined plans to harness the reformed individuals as assets in the fight against gambling networks, thereby bolstering community policing efforts and fostering a safer, more cohesive society.

Social activist Naresh Paras hailed the initiative as a pivotal step towards reformative justice, noting the inadequacies of existing punitive measures in addressing the root causes of addiction. By prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment, the Agra Police has demonstrated a commitment to promoting lasting change and empowering individuals to reclaim their lives from the grips of addiction.