Ahmedabad Police uncover more than 10k bank accounts linked to Mahadev Book betting app

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After recent arrests relating to Mahadev’s book illegal betting app by the Prevention of Crime Branch (PCB) operation by Ahmedabad city police, the police have found out that more than 10,000 bank accounts were opened in Gujarat.

These bank accounts were used by the people operating the illegal Mahadev book app to launder money coming from bets. The information on bank accounts came from the investigations after the police recently busted a head of the operation for the Mahadev book app, according to Gujaratsamachar.

During the previous bust, the PCB nabbed one Harshit Jain, operating a betting racket worth 5000 crores. Harshit Jain’s office provided information on over 530 bank accounts to the police.

But in order to run a betting network this big, Mahadev bookies need thousands of bank accounts. In order to obtain several more bank accounts, a separate team of bookmakers working on a franchise model was developed.

This team would travel to remote locations and collect the necessary paperwork to create a bank account in exchange for a Rs 5,000 monthly payment. They would also obtain a SIM card in the person’s name, which later served as the mobile number associated with the bank account.

The bank accounts were opened in private banks as these banks require more accounts. Since several accounts were to be opened simultaneously, private banks were the best choice.

Using this method, more than 10,000 bank accounts were opened in Gujarat alone. The police are looking further into the case to reveal names of bank executives and officials that might be helping in opening these accounts.

Previously caught, Harshit Jain is still under arrest and being interrogated and is believed to be trained in Dubai for over a year in order to operate a betting racket on this massive scale.