AjnaLens shines at GDC 2024 with the launch of AjnaXR headset

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Mumbai-based augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality solutions company, AjnaLens, participated in the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024 held in San Francisco, USA. Representing India among top tech giants like Meta and Microsoft, AjnaLens introduced its flagship product, the AjnaXR headset.

As reported by Business Today, during the conference, AjnaLens showcased a range of solutions, including the AjnaVidya ecosystem designed to facilitate developers in creating, publishing, and growing their XR applications. The company also demonstrated innovations like AjnaHPSC (High Performance Spatial Computing), AjnaKriti for creation of 3D models, object tracking capabilities, and the AjnaChakra OS.

AjnaLens emphasized the challenges developers face in crafting high-quality XR experiences, particularly in replicating real-world physics within XR environments. AjnaHPSC, integrated into the AjnaVidya ecosystem, aims to streamline XR application development by enabling XR streaming directly to the AjnaXR headset, eliminating the need for costly high-performance PC setups.

Ajna Lens also emphasized on the collaboration with industry leaders like Qualcomm, Siemens, Nvidia, and Unreal Engine. The company has made progress in the XR space, impacting over 72,000 learners through partnerships with organizations including L&T, Tata Technologies, and the Indian Armed Forces.

Abhishek Tomar, CTO & Co-Founder of AjnaLens, said, “AjnaLens aims to Augment Human Intelligence and transform human life from a journey of prosperity to self-actualization.”

The product comes in two variants – the AjnaXR Pro and AjnaXR SE, priced at Rs.1 lakh and Rs.85,000 respectively. These devices have found extensive use across more than 500 industrial training institutes in India.

AjnaLens has prioritized targeted applications for its XR devices, particularly in gamified learning. Both the AjnaXR Pro and AjnaXR SE come with the Qualcomm XR2 chipset, inside-out tracking, providing an experience while minimizing motion sickness.

With a team of 120 individuals, the company is also actively developing defense-related projects including smart surveillance equipment, 360-camera systems, and predictive smart helmets.