Bangladesh police urge amendment to address online gambling

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Bangladesh police has initiated an effort to modernize law enforcement capabilities by calling for urgent amendments to The Public Gambling Act of 1867, reported BNN Breaking. This legislative push comes in response to the growing challenge presented by online gambling, which the current law fails to address properly.

A high-level meeting held at the Rajarbagh Police Lines auditorium had participation from important figures, including Mohammad Ali Miah, the additional inspector general of police and head of the Criminal Investigation Department, advocating for immediate legal reforms. Attended by ministers and senior officials from various ministries, the meeting focussed on the need to adapt laws to the digital age, where traditional gambling activities have transitioned to online platforms. The lack of provisions in existing laws to tackle this digital shift emerged as an obstacle hindering effective law enforcement efforts.

In addition to the call for updated gambling laws, the police officials put forth a comprehensive set of demands aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of the force. These demands encompassed financial allocations for police training institutes, improvements in living conditions for senior officers, and adjustments to spending limits for the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Administrative reforms, including the inclusion of the police chief as a technocrat member of the Superior Selection Board, were also discussed to streamline officer promotions.

The call for amending The Public Gambling Act of 1867 represents a stride towards empowering law enforcement agencies to tackle emerging cyber threats, particularly the rise in online gambling. Implementation of these amendments could significantly enhance the police’s ability to uphold law and order, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the public. As stakeholders consider and work on these proposals, the result holds the potential to mark a shift in Bangladesh’s approach to combating cybercrime and improving police welfare.