Online gambling apps to be eradicated- State minister of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh’s State Minister for Posts, Telecommunication, and Information Technology, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, declared on Sunday that the spread of online gambling apps would be entirely eradicated. During his visit to the Cyber Threat Detection and Response Centre at the Telecommunication department’s Headquarters in the city, Minister Palak urged authorities to implement stringent measures to eliminate online gambling apps, emphasising the need for strong action, as reported in the Daily Sun.

Minister Palak highlighted the severe consequences of social media propaganda, asserting its detrimental impact on individuals, institutions, and the nation as a whole. He directed the relevant authorities to take robust measures to curb this menace at all costs. This call for action aligns with the government’s commitment to maintaining a safe online environment and protecting citizens from the harmful effects of online gambling and misinformation.

Earlier, at a view exchange meeting, Palak guided officials of the Telecommunication Department on optimising results with minimal resources, as outlined in a Press Information Department (PID) handout. The focus of this directive is on enhancing efficiency within the department while ensuring the effective execution of strategies to combat the rising challenges posed by online activities detrimental to society.

Accompanying Minister Palak at the meeting were key figures including Posts and Telecommunications Division Secretary Abu Hena Morshed Zaman, Additional Secretary Golam Sarware Kainat, and Director General of Telecommunications Department Rafiqul Islam. The collective commitment of these officials highlights the Bangladesh government’s determination to address the issues associated with online platforms and safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

As the state takes a firm stance against the rise of online gambling apps, these proactive measures reflect a broader commitment to creating a secure digital space for all citizens, free from the adverse effects of illicit online activities.