Bill Gates calls himself a gamer now: Read more to know why

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Former Microsoft head Bill Gates now thinks of himself as a gamer after reading a novel by Gabrielle Zevin called Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Talking about the book in a blog, Gates said it exposed him to the realities of gaming.

Microsoft is already one of the gaming giants with their Xbox console lineup competing with Sony’s PlayStation. While the gaming trend followed by Microsoft may be purely business focused, players did get to experience some of the most popular video games.

Gates talked about the time he used to play arcade games and Tetris back when he was young. While he said that he did not spend hundreds of hours perfecting the game like professionals, he did enjoy playing any chase he got.

At the time, Gates never really considered himself a gamer, thinking it required a certain amount of dedication playing video games. While some may argue, it is true that a person can be called a gamer simply for enjoying a game in their free time as well.

“I never thought I’d relate to a book about gaming, but I loved Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. When I was younger, I loved arcade games and got very good at Tetris. And in recent years, I have started playing a lot of online bridge and games like Spelling Bee and a bunch of the Wordle variants,” said Gates in the blog post.

In the present times, gaming has gained a broad definition and covers several forms. People do not need to spend thousands of hours playing games to be called gamers. Similarly, people playing real money games like poker and rummy or casual games just to relax in their leisure time can also be called as gamers.

Those who play games for hundreds of hours are also gamers, some of them good enough to be called professionals. The only difference is that a dedicated gamer is much better at playing the game than a casual one.

One thing to note is that while gaming is one of the most affordable hobbies, it can quickly turn out to be one of the most expensive ones if the player is not careful. As always, players are advised to be aware of how much they are spending, both time and money.

You can buy the book ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ by clicking here (Paperback) and here (Kindle).