Bengaluru: Woman loses over Rs 4 lakh in online ludo, leaves home with kids

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A 26-year-old woman from Bengaluru reportedly lost over Rs 4 lakh playing online ludo after which she left her home along with her kids and spare money.

According to reports, the woman was highly addicted to online ludo and initially lost Rs 50,000 last year. She pledged her gold jewelry worth Rs 1.25 lakh, losing that money as well. However, her addiction got the best of her when she took a loan of Rs 1.75 lakh from relatives to keep playing the game.

Her husband was clueless until this point, but after he found out, the woman promised not to partake in the activity again. Despite that, the woman mortgaged her gold jewelry again worth Rs 1.2 lakh in July this year to play online ludo. Her husband and her parents intervened pleading with her to stop.

Earlier this month on August 8, the husband dropped the eldest kid home from school and left for work again. Later, when he tried calling his wife the phone was switched off. When he went back home to check, he found a lock on the door, reported The Indian Express.

Upon entering the house with his spare key, he came across a note from his wife that read “I beg your apology, I am taking the money kept at home. Please forgive me.” The wife also took the two kids with her.

The husband has filed a report and the police have begun the search operation.

This is another classic case of addiction gone overboard. Despite being confronted by her husband and her parents, the woman could not resist playing the game and stake money.