B’wood actor Ranjeet criticizes Ajay Devgn, celebrities promoting addictive online gaming platforms

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Veteran Bollywood actor Ranjeet is known for his protagonist and villainous performances on-screen. However, he doesn’t shy away from being a hero when it comes to portraying a responsible behaviour. He was recently seen speaking his heart out to target the topic of celebrities promoting addictive online gaming platforms.

Ranjeet heavily criticized actors like Ajay Devgn, who promote online gaming platforms which are addictive in nature. The actor opined that such endorsements do not contribute to a responsible behaviour that influential personalities play in the society. He questioned the need for featuring in such kinds of advertisements.

It is worth mentioning that Ajay Devgn promotes Junglee Rummy, an online card gaming platform. In the past, there have been some news of people losing their time, money, and even lives to gaming addiction. A litigation was also filed against Devgn and other celebrities, including Sachin Tendulkar. In fact, many protests were held, especially in Maharashtra, to stop the actor from promoting the platform.

Ranjeet feels that celebrities have a social responsibility on their shoulders for their fan following, according to Times Entertainment. And thus, the Bollywood star feels that a celebrity should not promote platforms that are against these social responsibilities.

The actor even associated it to the roles that one opts for. He claimed that he rejected offers for films and shows with scripts containing explicit scenes and profane language. Further, he said that he focuses on shows that he and his family could watch normally. The actor’s claims portray that one can be a villain in movies, but should be morally binding in reality.

My roles never promoted vulgarity, says Ranjeet

He further said that even when his past roles were mainly of villains, his characters never portrayed or promoted vulgarity or crudeness. Furthermore, he believes that the entertainment industry should also abide by these standards.

His stance during the discussion displayed how important it is for celebrities to be aware of what they are promoting. The discussion also raises the question of the need of a form of overlook over the content being consumed by the audiences. Several celebrities nowadays are engaging in promoting such platforms.

The actor in talk during the conversation Ajay Devgn was seen promoting online rummy. While online rummy is legal among other permissible gaming apps, many other celebrities are often spotted promoting illegal betting and gambling platforms on social media.

It is advisable for people not to get trapped in celebrities claiming the platform to be legal.

People who are unsure regarding the illegitimacy and banned apps information can check here.