Chhattisgarh: ED conducts raids on people possibly linked to Mahadev Book illegal betting app

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is conducting raids on several people’s houses ranging from businessmen as well as layers across Durg and Bhilai, for their alleged involvement in illegal online betting.

As per reports, the raids are being done by ED investigators along with paramilitary forces. However, an official statement on the matter is yet to be released, which will hopefully reveal the suspects.

According to rumours, the matter is linked to the Mahadev Book illegal betting app, which is currently plaguing the entire Chhattisgarh and several other states. The police have also done several arrests in the last few months.

The police also succeeded with the most recent arrest, where they booked a prominent operative for Mahadev book named Naveen Batra.

During interrogation, Batra have revealed over 12 names that are linked to Mahadev book. While the police did not reveal any of the names, they did reassure that actions will be taken soon on the matter.

The latest raid has made people believe that the raids are done according to the information extracted from Batra; however, there is no confirmation of the matter until there is an official statement.

Mahadev book app is used to run an illegal betting network online through several groups that dupe people into opening bank accounts for incentives and then use those bank accounts to siphon money out of the country.

The kingpin of the whole operation, Saurabh Chandrakar, is operating Mahadev book from Dubai along with his partner Ravi Uppal. The police have frozen several of these bank accounts containing crores of rupees.

To date, the police have booked over 250 people operating under Mahadev Book illegal betting app. Police have issued lookout notices for the kingpins in Dubai and some big operatives in India, including Shimmers Club director Nitin Motwani and his partner Yusuf Potti.