Raipur: Police arrest Mahadev Book illegal betting operator Naveen Batra; extract key information

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Naveen Batra, an individual arrested by Raipur Police in Goa, has revealed key information linked to Mahadev Book illegal betting app. Batra was taken into police interrogation on the night of Saturday, August 19.

Batra and his gang were recently arrested in Goa after the police received information about people taking illegal bets. The gang was duping people into opening fake accounts and was using those accounts to place bets worth crores of rupees.

Raipur police had been searching for Batra aggressively, and upon knowing he is hiding in Goa, they laid a trap to successfully arrest him. After the arrest, he was brought back to Raipur and was interrogated, where he revealed 12 names linked to their operation.

Report from Nai Dunia revealed that Batra was in contact with kingpins of whole operation, Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal. Both operate illegal betting apps from Dubai, and their network is spread across the globe.

Raipur police have ramped up their operations against the Mahadev Book app of late. Subsequently, multiple arrests have been made and key details regarding the illegal operations have been obtained. Another major raid was done at Shimmers Club in Amaseoni region where another group was operating illegal bets.

While the police initially arrested the club director Nitin Motwani, he has been bailed out and is missing since. The police have issued lookout notices for Motwani and his partner, Yusuf Potti.

12 more illegal operators on Raipur Police’s radar

City police have already extracted valuable information on further operators. The police also reported that they are expecting to extract further key details of the operations. Notably, Batra disclosed names of 12 other operators, and the police have already started searching them.

Apart from arresting over 20 individuals linked to Mahadev Book, the police also discovered over 500 fake bank accounts used to place illegal bets. Notably, the operators lured poor people with commission and opened bank accounts under their name. Later, transactions worth crores were carried out using these fake accounts, which led to duping many.

The police have contacted banks for further information on these accounts and to keep a tab on them.