Chhattisgarh: Sustained action against Mahadev Book illegal betting app continues

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Bilaspur police in Chhattisgarh have cracked down a major online betting ring that was running through banned betting platforms Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna and have arrested four individuals in the process.

During the raid, the police seized 30 mobile phones, 10 laptops and 10 ATMs along with Rs 10 lakh in cash. The four arrested individuals are identifies as Rajat Jain, Kshitij Bhardwaj, Bobby Jaghav and Karthik Vishwakarma.

While interrogating the four arrested, the police found out about the 275 bank accounts that were being used to siphon money earned through betting.

“The investigating team identified 275 bank accounts that were opened with doctored documents and used for transactions by the online betting platforms,” Bilaspur police chief was quoted as saying by News Riveting.

The accounts currently hold over Rs 12 crore and are believed to be used for transactions of over Rs 50 crore. Bilaspur Superintendent of Police, Santosh Singh revealed that these ban accounts were opened as stock trading accounts across several private banks.

Transactions were mostly accepted using UPI to make the payment easier for people betting on their platform after they were provided their betting IDs.

Mahadev Book’s operators usually lured in their acquaintances after telling them about stock trading profits and opened the bank accounts under their names. The police are also looking into potential involvement from bank employees from where the accounts were opened.

Similarly, the phone numbers were also acquired through scam where the identification and fingerprints were taken multiple times from a person to acquire phone numbers. Shop owners are current under interrogation regarding the same.