Delhi: 29 arrested for Diwali gambling, Rs. 58 lakh seized

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In advance of Diwali, the Delhi Police arrested 29 people, including seven women, for gambling at Hotel City West End on Club Road, Punjabi Bagh . Over Rs 58 lakh and 10 sets of playing cards from their possession were also seized by the police.

In an interview with ANI, DCP Ghanshyam Bansal said, “Keeping in mind the instances of gambling on the occasion of Diwali, like every year, all the SHOs and operational teams were instructed to identify and take strict action on such activities.”

The police received a tip about several people gathering in the hotel to indulge in gambling during Diwali on October 2. DCP Bansal said, “A source informed that large-scale gambling is a regular affair in Hotel City West End on Club Road, Punjabi Bagh. The source was further asked by the police to watch the activities being carried out at the said hotel.”

 After being tipped off the police raided the hotel arresting 29 people that were gambling on different tables. When the gamblers saw the raiding party of police they all threw their cards and stood up from their tables, said the police. Everyone was arrested shortly after.

The hotel intentionally allowed gambling activities in their premises. During the interrogation with the hotel manager the police found out that an entry fee of Rs 2,500 was charged from everyone to allow gambling activities in the hotel and refreshments were also served to the people partaking in the gambling activities.

An FIR under the Sections 3 and 4 of the gambling act has been registered against all culprits and further investigation is also underway.