Dreamhack to organise Dreamhack gaming fest 2023 in Japan with Sony as official partner

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Dreamhack has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment to host the Dreamhack gaming fest 2023 in Japan. The venue and dates for the event will be released in the upcoming months.

Dreamhack is one of the most celebrated festivals in the gaming community worldwide. Various players visit the expo for game demos, and big teams participate in the various video game tournaments hosted for different games. Dreamhack is also a subsidiary of ESL Faceit group, famous for hosting and broadcasting esports tournaments and is owned by Savvy Games Group.

This will be the first time Japan to host a Dreamhack festival, but people believe the event will be one of the best as Japan have one of the biggest hands in the gaming industry, with big gaming companies like Capcom and Nintendo developing the most loved game franchises and a huge number of players. Japan also hosts regular events like the annual Tokyo Game Show, with anime and cosplay events included yearly.

The parent company of Dreamhack, ESL Faceit group, is thrilled to partner with Sony Music Entertainment and has licensed it to be the holder of future Dreamhack festivals held in Japan. The VP of Strategy and Growth for DreamHack, Shahin Zarrabi, said, “We are super excited to welcome Sony Music Entertainment and the gamers of Japan to our growing, global community.”

The whole event is planned to feature a variety of esports tournaments featuring different games, along with Sony bringing music, cosplay and Vtubers events from its various IP going non-stop for the 24hr weekend of the festival.

Dreamhack will also host the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Major in November at Dreamhack Winter in Canada. The partnership with Sony and hosting of the Dreamhack festival in Japan marks the entry of Dreamhack’s expansion into the Asian market.