E-Gaming Federation appoints Satish Mathur and Aruna Sharma on its advisory board

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E-Gaming Federation (EGF) has appointed Aruna Sharma, former secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and IT, and Satish Mathur, former director general of police in Maharashtra, on its advisory panel. The non-profit organization represents the online gaming operators in India.

They will advise the federation on responsible gaming and international best practices for player protection in addition to providing regulatory clarification in the e-gaming sector.

This action is a result of the EGF’s ongoing efforts to create a secure, accountable, equitable, and transparent environment where players can responsibly enjoy gaming while supporting the industry’s expansion.

Mathur has worked against cyber crime and will help EGF to form a security framework and a code of conduct while Sharma will be helping in providing expertise for formulating policies in order to establish strong policy frameworks and address difficulties in the online gaming industry.

The CEO of EGF, Sameer Barde said, “The Indian online gaming industry is going through an exciting phase, and there could not have been better timing to add two of the brightest minds to our team. Both Sharma and Mathur come with complementary skills and deep expertise in policy-making and consumer protection. We are confident that their addition will bring immense value to the organization and burgeoning online gaming industry in India.”

Aruna Sharma said, “Their concerted efforts to bolster the online gaming sector in India are noteworthy and inspiring. While the governments, both at the center and state, are actively taking steps to regulate the sector, an effective approach to streamline the process is paramount.”

“I look forward to taking on this new role and synergizing our efforts to work towards a common goal of regulating and facilitating growth in the sector and in developing the world’s best-in-class standards to not just protect the players but also bringing in the advantage of gaming as a learning tool and India becoming a lead story,” she added.

While Satish Mathur said, “The Indian online gaming sector is entering the next chapter of its growth journey and there is a huge opportunity for us to make a difference. I am impressed by the efforts it is taking to develop operating standards for the smooth functioning of the online gaming ecosystem while promoting responsible gaming. I look forward to strengthening the overall strategy with my experience and support the sunrise sector in taking a step towards robust regulation with effective responsible gaming elements.”