E-Gaming Federation onboards three new members Sachiko Gaming, Decentro, and Tutelar

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The E-Gaming Federation (EGF), one of the skill-gaming industry bodies, announced the onboarding of three new members Sachiko Gaming as a Silver member, Decentro, and Tutelar as Associate Members.

Anuraag Saxena, CEO, of EGF said, “Player protection, responsible gaming, and encouraging sustainable online gaming industry has been at the core of EGF. We are confident that our new members’ support and experience will be of great benefit to the Federation, and it will strengthen our efforts to create a safe and responsible gaming environment while facilitating industry growth.”

Sachiko Gaming is the management behind PokerStars India, focusing on delivering a secure gaming environment. Associated with the globally renowned PokerStars brand, PokerStars India offers a variety of poker variations, tournaments, and features tailored to meet the preferences of the Indian gaming community.

Decentro is a plug-and-play Banking Service Platform for India & Singapore (and soon beyond), offering multiple modules from KYC to Banking to Payments to Credit.

Tutelar operates as a Fraud Risk Management (FRM) platform utilized by gaming companies for services such as onboarding, transaction monitoring, and chargeback management. It functions as a service provider catering to the needs of gaming companies and is dedicated to safeguarding businesses from the detrimental impacts of online fraud.

Rohit Taneja, Founder & CEO, Decentro said, “We are excited about Decentro’s strategic partnership with EGF. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to fintech-based innovation within the online gaming industry. We are eager to leverage our combined expertise to expand horizons and usher in a new era of possibilities.”

Vikram Sagar Ravi, Senior Vice President – Growth and Revenue, Tutelar said, “We are extremely excited to be a part of the EGF. We believe, we can be of immense value to gaming companies, that are looking to minimize their risk and maximize their revenue, through our 360-degree product, which covers the entire spectrum of risk, from onboarding customers/merchants with thorough KYC due diligence, real-time transaction monitoring, exhaustive data intelligence, Anti-money laundering solutions, a dispute management module, and a compliance module.”

EGF is the voice of the online skill gaming sector in India, representing the views of an overwhelming majority of gaming companies. The Federation counts the top 5 Gaming Developers and Operators in India, including a Unicorn amongst its members.