Telangana student commits suicide after losing Rs. 25 lakh in online ipl betting scam

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Vineeth (20), a BTech student from Sadasivapet town, was found hanging at his home on Saturday. Vineeth, who was alone at home as his parents went out on an Ayodhya pilgrimage, reportedly burdened to the weight of debt incurred from an online IPL betting scam. Even preceding the reported incidents, there have been numerous occasions where people are lured into betting, leading to consequences.

As reported by Telangana Today, Vineeth had fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme, losing a staggering sum of Rs. 25 lakh. Desperate to recover his losses, he turned to borrowing money from various sources including loan apps, friends, and relatives. However, his efforts proved useless, and the mounting financial burden ultimately drove him to take his own life.

In a suicide note left behind, Vineeth cited his inability to repay the debts as the primary reason for his decision. The note served as a testimony to the dangers of online gambling and the devastating impact it can have on unsuspecting individuals.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Vineeth’s death, registering a case and transferring his body to the Government Hospital, Sadasivapet for postmortem examination.

The incident highlights the need for increased awareness and stringent measures to fight online scams, particularly within the world of online gaming and betting, to prevent similar tragedies from recurring in the future.