ED intensifies Mahadev App investigation, summons Bhilai RTO agent’s wife

Published on:

Adding another layer to the ongoing Mahadev App investigation, ED officials reached the residence of Rajesh Mishra, an RTO agent in Bhilai.

Information suggests that the ED team arrived to inquire about Rajesh Mishra based on leads found in bank details related to the Mahadev Betting App. The app has been under continuous scrutiny by both the ED and the police. Rajesh Mishra’s name reportedly appeared in the investigation, linking him to transactions associated with the Mahadev App.

Yesterday, in a parallel development in Durg, the ED had summoned the wife of a police constable in connection with the Mahadev App case. The constable’s wife, Seema Yadav, received the summons, even as she was absent from her residence, prompting officials to affix the notice outside her home. Notably, Seema Yadav has been asked to appear at the ED office.

This move follows the arrest of constable Bhim Yadav on November 3 in Durg as part of the Mahadev App ID case. Nearly ₹7 crores in cash was seized from his premises, along with the freezing of online accounts totalling more than ₹15 crores. Subsequently, the ED presented constable Bhim Yadav and Asim Das alias Bappa before the bench of Justice Ajay Singh Rajput in the Raipur court. The constable was remanded in custody for seven days, while Asim Das alias Bappa was remanded for ten days.

The Mahadev App continues to be a focus of ongoing actions by both the Enforcement Directorate and the police. The recent summons and actions indicate a concerted effort to uncover financial irregularities and potential connections to illegal activities associated with the app.