ED reaches Durg: summons Police constable’s wife in Mahadev App betting Case

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In connection with the Mahadev App case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has summoned the wife of Durg police constable Bhim Yadav. The summons is issued in the name of Seema Yadav. However, in her absence from home, the notice has been prominently displayed outside her residence, reported IBC24. The notice instructs Seema Yadav to appear at the ED office.

In this case, Constable Bhim Yadav had already been arrested by the ED on November 3rd concerning the Mahadev App ID matter. Approximately 7 crores in cash were seized from Yadav’s premises, along with the freezing of online accounts exceeding 15 crores. Following this, ED presented Constable Bhim Yadav and Asim Das alias Bappa in the Raipur court before Justice Ajay Singh Rajput. Constable Yadav was remanded for 7 days, while Asim Das alias Bappa was remanded for 10 days.

The Mahadev online betting app has been under continuous investigation by both the ED and the police. Constable Bhim Yadav was arrested earlier, and the ED is actively pursuing the case. The summons to his wife indicates an extension of the probe into potential connections or information related to the case.