Major Police victory: Deepak Singh alias Deepak Nepali, wanted in Mahadev Betting App Case, arrested in Durg

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In a significant breakthrough, Durg Police in Chhattisgarh have successfully captured Deepak Singh, alias Deepak Nepali, who was on the run in 13 cases, including his involvement with the Mahadev Betting App. The confirmation of his arrest came from Durg SSP Ramgopal Garg.

Deepak Singh, a fugitive with cases ranging from heinous crimes to connections with the notorious Mahadev Betting App, has been taken into custody, including charges under the National Security Act (NSA). Durg SSP Ramgopal Garg has verified this news, marking a major victory for law enforcement.

The accused faces multiple charges in different locations as reported by ABP Live, involving crimes such as loot, homicide, abduction, and his alleged involvement with the Mahadev Betting App. Interrogations regarding his connection with the Mahadev Betting App are currently underway, opening the possibility of uncovering crucial leads that could further advance the investigation.

The arrest of Deepak Singh is expected to shed light on the intricate web of criminal activities and potentially reveal essential information related to the Mahadev Betting App case.

The app made headlines earlier this year when several Bollywood A-listers like Ranbir Kapoor, Sahil Khan, Huma Qureshi, and comedian Kapil Sharma were called by the ED for questioning in the case.