ED seizes Rs 22.78 crore worth of cryptocurrency in E-Nuggets fraud

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In the latest E-Nuggets, online gaming app fraud case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted another operation in Kolkata on Friday, November 11. According to the agency, a search operation for the fraudulent cryptocurrency has started.

A total of 150.22 bitcoins worth Rs 22.82 crore have been blocked as a result of the money laundering act. Aamir Khan’s other assistant Vikram Singh Gandhi was earlier detained by authorities for his role in the online fraud case.

Gandhi was taken into custody by the police from a Beleghata apartment on Wednesday night at 10.30 p.m. The accused reportedly served as a mediator in the entire case of internet fraud, according to police sources.

According to sources Rumen Agarwal, another close friend of Aamir Khan’s aide, was interrogated by the police in order to obtain all the information they had regarding Gandhi. According to the police, Vikram also made online investments worth Rs 2 crore.

Another source says that Gandhi received several crores in cash from Amir, which he took to Agarwal, who later changed the money into digital cryptocurrency. With all the information provided by Gandhi, ED conducted the raid.

By using the mobile gaming app, ED conducted raids at various locations in the city, including Shahi Stable Lane, Park Street, Mominpur’s Bandar area and New Town on September 10 to investigate the financial frauds.

During the raid, the investigating officers found a large amount of cash hidden under the bed in Khan’s house. From his hideout, a total of Rs 17.32 crore was retrieved. Agarwal was also arrested after Mastermind Khan was taken into custody in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The E-Nuggets app first won the trust of the users by providing great returns, and when people were confident enough to invest large sums of money, their accounts suddenly were wiped clean with no way of withdrawal.

Claims and allegations about the E-Nuggets app spreading in Dubai are also rising. The ED have started a thorough investigation into the case and have arrested several people that are connected to it.