Female police officer assaulted in a raid on illegal gambling den in Odisha’s Balasore district

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A female police officer was reportedly assaulted and held captive by a group of individuals while attempting to shut down an illegal gambling operation in Odisha’s Balasore district on Sunday night, as confirmed by the local authorities.

Inspector-in-Charge (IIC) Champabati Soren of Talasari Marine Police Station led a raid on a suspected gambling den located in Udaypur village. The situation quickly escalated from a verbal dispute to a physical argument, resulting in the miscreants trapping IIC Soren inside the premises.

As reported by India Today, during the fight, the patrolling vehicle’s driver, Sudhansu Mohanty, bravely intervened but sustained injuries, requiring immediate medical attention. Additional law enforcement units from Bhogarai Police Station and Chandaneswar Police Outpost were swiftly dispatched to rescue both IIC Soren and Mohanty.

Jaleswar SDPO Dilip Sahu commented on the incident, stating, “The IIC of Talasari Marine Police Station and her team responded to reports of illegal gambling. Unfortunately, they faced resistance and were attacked by the offender. We are currently investigating the matter thoroughly, and appropriate legal actions will be taken.”

Approximately 20 individuals believed to be associated with the assault and illicit gambling operations have been detained for further interrogation. To ensure the safety of the community and maintain order following the altercation, a unit of police personnel has been stationed in Udaypur village.