Police raid ‘Moving’ gambling den in Surat, 40 criminals arrested in operation

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Surat’s state monitoring cell (SMC) police conducted a successful raid on a ‘moving’ gambling den located in Variyavi Bazar in the old city, resulting in the arrest of 40 gamblers. The raid took place at 2 am on January 26. The den provided various amenities, like valet parking, food, tobacco, and cigarettes.

The targeted home, which served as the mobile gambling den, was equipped with facilities that allowed the operators to quickly relocate. Notorious criminals Mohammad Hussein alias Mammu Hansoti, Nazir Saiyed alias Guddu Firing, and Sajjad Hussein Kapadiya, previously involved in serious crimes like firing and murder, were among those arrested.

The unique aspect of this moving den was its strategic operation. Accused individuals Mammu and Gulam Sabir Shaikh managed the den by renting multiple homes in the Khajurawadi area, all interconnected through stairs and other means. This setup enabled them to move discreetly from one location to another, making it challenging for law enforcement to pinpoint its exact location.

“We cordoned the area and raided at midnight after posing as gamblers and succeeded in arresting 40 gamblers,” said the police in a statement to the Times of India. The operators employed tactics to intimidate residents, preventing them from disclosing information about the den. They constantly changed the rented homes to avoid police detection.

During the raid, the accused attempted to escape by turning off the lights. However, the police, armed with a gunned State Reserve Police (SRP) force, prevented their escape. The police seized Rs 2.67 lakh in cash, 35 mobile phones valued at Rs 2.85 lakhs, 850 coins, and 180 playing card sets. All individuals involved were booked under the Gambling Act.

The police, under the leadership of Inspector CH Panara, demonstrated their commitment to curbing illegal activities within the city.